paris_picParis Awakenings Tour: A Journey of Self Discovery Through Architecture, Literature, and Art in the City of Light

“Paris doorways will become portals of realization. Streets will lead to greater meaning and insight. Buildings and public spaces will open to profound peace, connection and healing.” – Anthony Lawlor


COST: $3,487

OVERVIEW: Enjoy an 8-day/7-night Paris adventure focused on the ways the architecture, literature and art of this great city can become your ally in gaining insight and inspiration about who you are, why you are here and where you are going. Under the expert guidance of architect and author Anthony Lawlor along with writing aficionado Sequoia Hamilton, you’ll discover how every element of Paris, from café chairs to cathedrals, expresses a different nuance of the city’s soul and yours. You’ll learn specific ways to see Paris and any city as a mythic landscape for igniting your creativity and enriching your life’s wisdom.

Tour Description: Paris calls to the poetry and passion for living we long to express. The city’s beauty and artfulness ignites our imaginations. Behind its rich history and exquisite style is an animating force that calls forth our dreams and inspires us to live them.

The Paris Awakenings Tour offers a unique approach to discovering the secrets of the City of Light and using these revelations to enhance your daily life.

Rather than limiting the tour’s focus to a list of historic names and dates, we’ll travel through “themes of experience,” weaving our way through one of the most magnificent cities on earth. Discover a cosmos in a cathedral, a novel in a Paris street, music in the River Seine, radiant spirit in sculptures and paintings, paradise in a garden, creative musings in a café, and more.

Day by day, Paris will become your ally for inspiring your human quest. Doorways will become portals of realization. Streets will lead to greater meaning and insight. Buildings and public spaces will open to profound peace, connection and healing.

Whether you have been to Paris many times or make this your first trip, you’ll see this glorious city with fresh eyes. The awakenings and delights that happen in Paris won’t stay in Paris – they’ll fill your soul and inspire you for a lifetime.


  • Thursday or Friday – Depart 
  • Sunday: Arrive in Paris today or earlier | Spend Morning and Afternoon at Leisure (Suggestion: Sunday Flea Markets) | Gather in early evening for Champagne Welcome.
  • Monday: Paris Cathedrals and Sacred Spots | We’ll visit Notre Dame Cathedral and learn to see its architecture, sculpture and stained glass windows as reflections of our souls’ inner design. Then we’ll take this new way of seeing and go on a “mystery walk” to discover what the everyday cathedrals of Paris’ shops and streets offer insights about the challenges you face and wisdom about the breakthroughs you are making. | Evening at leisure. Optional Monday evening gathering at Shakespeare & Co. Bookstore
  • Tuesday: Paris Gardens and The River |This will be an entire day dedicated to discovering how Paris combines nature and human design to create sacred spaces in the city. We’ll visit Luxembourg Gardens in St. Germain/Latin Quarter, walk through “Old Paris” to discover pocket parks, meander by the Seine and explore the Tuileries near the Louvre. Along the way, we will experience the alchemy of integrating imagination with ecology and the healing powers of nature in urban settings | Sunset Cruise on the Seine.
  • Wednesday: Paris Museums | Building on what we learned in the sacred places and gardens of the city, we will explore the ways that art expresses and reflects the poetry of your soul. At the Musee Rodin we will explore the sensuality of creative work and how to move beyond fixed ideas of form to the fluid dynamics of artistic living. In the Musee d’Orsay, we will see how painters such as Monet, Cezanne and Van Gogh saw the world with fresh eyes and transformed how we see the world today. | Evening at your leisure to take in the Opera, a ballet, wander the streets or late-night Wednesdays at the musée Rodin. Enjoy strolling under the moonlight to discover Rodin’s monuments The Gate of Hell, The Thinker, The Burghers of Calais …
  • Thursday: Paris Bakeries & Cafes | “The bakery is the soul of the village,” is a French saying. In Paris, food is the heart of the art of living. Visiting the famous Poilane Bakery we will delight in the ancient craft of making the staff of life. With our appetites inspired we will have a picnic lunch at the Eiffel Tower. We’ll talk about how Paris cafes act as places for listening to and sharing the wisdom of our life journeys.| Afternoon at leisure | Optional evening soiree.
  • Friday: Excursion to Chartres Labyrinth | Your life journey is a pilgrimage of self discovery through the world. Chartres Cathedral provides one of the world’s great pilgrimage experiences. The labyrinth embedded in its stone floor has been polished by the feet of spiritual travelers for more than 800 years. Here, we will walk this ancient path, following its twists and turns toward the heart of our life journey. We will sense where our particular road is taking us and gain insights about finding our way home. | Evening finale group dinner.
  • Saturday: Free Day | Day at Leisure to explore Paris, venture out to Versailles, Giverny, museums, etc.
  • Sunday: Continue your stay in Paris or depart for home.

Cost: $3,497

  • Tour Includes:
    • All Accommodations and Meals unless otherwise noted
    • Champagne Welcome
    • Sunset Cruise on the Seine
    • Eiffel Tower Picnic
    • All Lectures and Excursions, augmented by personal journal writing and quiet time to further explore and integrate your new experiences and insights


  • International Airfare to Paris
  • Alternate Accommodations – Sequoia can help you find accommodations to your liking and budget from upscale hotels to Parisian apartments.
  • Transportation to/from airports.
  • Meals on personal sightseeing days
  • Passport or Visa fees (where applicable)
  • Trip Insurance (highly recommended!)

Featured Lecturer: Anthony Lawlor is an architect and author whose work focuses on the relationship between architecture and psyche. His books A Home for the Soul and The Temple in the House describe how buildings and cities serve as allies in deepening conscious experience in daily life. Anthony’s recent book 24 Patterns of Wisdom presents visual diagrams depicting the architecture of soul can assist us in navigating the challenges and awakenings of the human journey. His film, The Living Temple: A Journey Through World Sacred Places illustrates the shared archetypal patterns of design and iconography that underlie the architecture of cathedrals, temples, mosques, stupas and other holy places around the globe.

During 30 years of architectural practice Anthony has received awards for excellence in design from the American Institute of Architects and Interior Design Magazine. His work has been featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show, National Public Radio and numerous other national media. He received his Master of Architecture degree from the University of California, Berkeley with a thesis describing how sunlight shapes architecture. He has taught at the Pacifica Graduate Institute, the C.G. Jung Institutes of New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, The American Institute of Architects New York, The Graham Foundation Chicago, Esalen Institute, Naropa Institute, The Dallas Institute of Humanities and Culture, and numerous other institutions. He is currently designing a healing center in Corfu based on the aesclepia, healing centers, of ancient Greece.

Host: Sequoia Hamilton (see bio), is the creator of Paris Writers Retreats and other global writing adventures. Sequoia invites writers of all levels to join her in the magical setting of Paris’s Left Bank and spend a week being immersed in new experiences and writing. Part writers’ workshop, part tour of Paris – writers will have a rare opportunity to benefit from the same inspirations of Left Bank writers Stein, Hemingway and Fitzgerald. | We’ll spend afternoons writing and exploring the city’s museums, parks, cafes and little-known literary haunts. 


  • Our locations, events and featured lecturer may change due to weather or circumstances not anticipated.
  • Bring good walking shoes and casual clothing. Bring at least one “dressy” outfit for final Group Dinner.


Non-refundable Deposit of $1,000 required to hold reservation. Register Now!