Sequoia, Betty & Angela – Dressing up for Egyptian Gala on Nile Cruise

Sequoia Hamilton is a fellow spiritual traveller and an expert travel guide who aspires to create an unforgettable private adventure for you!

Sequoia is also the owner/founder of the Ojai Writers Workshops & Conference and co-founder of WordFest, a weekend literary celebration that takes place annually every September in the majestic Ojai Valley.

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My inspiration to host Global Spiritual Adventures stems from my passions of traveling the world, connecting heart to heart with others through shared spiritual experiences and of writing.

Though I had traveled a bit ‘here and there’ growing up, I got my first taste of insatiable wanderlust while touring inland China in the 1990’s. Still in my restless, wandering 20’s and fresh on the heels of my Asian adventure, a few months later I moved to Antigua, Guatemala nestled at the base of three volcanos.

Clearly “bitten by the travel bug,” I went on to enjoy and lead numerous trips, as well as circled the globe and embarked on a writing sabbatical. I’ve explored Africa, Australia, Europe, Central America and Asia, RV’ed across America, lived in Fiji for awhile and then circled back to Southern California like a boomerang …. boating through the Channel Islands and the Salish Seas of the Pacific Northwest San Juan Islands and then …this time planting myself and my family permanently in the majestic Ojai Valley.

These days, I am both an internationally recognized Travel Writer/Blogger and an expert-level Travel Guide. Wherever I travel, I usually write about the place, the adventure, my personal journey, or the people I meet … for pleasure and/or for profit. After writing hundreds of articles, at the helm of a national travel magazine as its editor-in-chief, creating a bunch ‘o blogs (the latest count is 12 of them), and founding the Ojai Writers Workshops & Conference along with co-founding an annual literary festival called WordFest, I added Global Spiritual Adventures to my list of things I love to do. To spice up these adventures with even more fun, I usually bring along fascinating authors, practitioners, or lecturers.


  • My wife, Francesca, and I have been all over the world but this was the best, most interesting and spiritual trip we have ever been on. We returned from your trip with a better idea of who we were … We’re still processing everything that happened. It’s all like an amazing dream. – Keith Richardson, Ventura, CA
  • I’m thankful to Louise Hay as I met Sequoia through her. If Sequoia is leading a trip I want to go along! Need I say more?  – Angela Travers, San Diego, California
  • Sequoia’s intuition is incredible and her compassion endless. From the first time I met her, she not only made me feel like I had known her for many years, every interaction was rich with more self-discovery. She helped me expand my compassion for others which has truly made a difference in my relationships with loved ones. She challenges me to expand my service to others and challenges me to manifest things in my life that I could not imagine before. I am looking so forward to my next journey with her! – Norman Brame, North Carolina
  • When I met Sequoia in Brazil, I knew instantly that I needed to be on her next trip to Egypt, which proved to be a very significant, life-altering trip for me. Sequoia has been annointed by Mother Egypt to bring groups of people – so if you want to experience the maximum blessings and insights, go with Sequoia.The strangest thing is that I have been having this very powerful pull from the pyramid itself as if it is calling me back … – Ildiko Varga, Hungary