*ASHRAMS of INDIA – March 2019*

Ashrams of Northern India Private Tour (+ Hong Kong, China 3-Day/2-Night Adventure)

Date: March 10-30, 2019

Cost: $3,497 (includes all accommodations & meals) 

Description: Our adventure begins flying nonstop to Hong Kong, China to break up the grueling 30+ hr. trip to India. We’ll stay here two nights and three days to get acclimated to the time change and to take in this vibrant, luxurious city. We’ll meet for dinner Saturday evening and then the next day visit one of the largest seated Buddha statues in the world and getting there is half the fun on the 20-minute sky tram! Monday morning is at your leisure and then we’ll head to the airport around 2pm.

On Monday evening, we’ll depart for India. Our custom designed India program is an immersion into mystical teachings and activations claimed “to liberate souls from suffering into purposeful lives of infinite bliss.” We’ll visit ashrams, temples and shrines, sit in satsangs (discourses), drink in meditation, unwind with yoga (all levels, optional), and meet, dine, and converse with gurus, saddhus, sages, saints, seekers and seers.

We’ll visit numerous ashrams specifically in Rishikesh, northern India (probably best known as where the Beatles went in the late 1960’s and wrote more than 40 songs for the White Album.

Rishikesh is considered a sacred region where people have visited for centuries to be healed and to find rest and rejuvenation. Considered the holiest city in India, it’s situated at the base of the magnificent Himalayas with mountain-fed streams that feed into the clear flowing waters of the Holy River Ganges.

We’ll visit the 1910-built palace, Ananda in the Himalayas, rated the #1 overseas destination spa in the world by Travel + Leisure magazine and also Parmarth Niketan Ashram, one of the largest ashrams in India with 1,000+ rooms which are “a blend of modern amenities and traditional spiritual simplicity … a clean, pure and sacred atmosphere with abundant, beautiful gardens.”

It is claimed that as you experience the serenity of an Ashram, you will feel your soul bathing in the peace of sacred energies emanating from nature and  lingering from the timeless healing powers of saints, sages and enlightened masters.

The Parmarth Niketan ashram is home to one of India’s most recognized and loved living saints, 62-year-old Swamiji Muniji Saraswati who has a worldwide following in the millions. From a 2013 official visit, HRH Charles, Prince of Wales said, “All the work that he and his colleagues do, is of remarkable significance.”

Of particular significance is the recently completed 11-volume Encyclopedia of Hinduism representing an epic work of scholarship – over 1,000 scholars and 25 years to complete. Other community service projects include working with the H.H. Dalai Lama and other environmentalists to clean up the Ganges, earning Saraswat the nickname “the green swami of India.”

Ganges waters are believed to be a river of nectar from the Gods – drawing millions each year to purify their inner self through holy bathing rituals in the company of countless sages, seers and yogis. It is believed that the mere ritual of dipping oneself in the Ganges can bring about enlightenment – liberation from suffering and reincarnation.

While in Rishikesh, we’ll enjoy morning satsangs, afternoons will be planned outings (some at your leisure) and every evening we will regroup back at the ashram for traditional dinner meals and sunset salutations.

  • Tour Includes:
    • All accommodations and majority of meals.
    • All activities and excursions: Discourses on Awakening, Meditation time and Daily Stretching/Yoga will be augmented by personal journal writing and quiet time to further explore and integrate your new experiences and insights


  • International Airfare
  • Passport or Visa fees (where applicable)
  • Trip Insurance (highly recommended!)
  • Trip extensions (such as visiting Delhi’s Taj Mahal or the Dalai Lama’s nearby residence)


  • Our location or events may change due to weather or circumstances not anticipated.
  • Bring good walking shoes and casual clothing.

Optional Extension – April 2019 (exact date tbd) is the International Yoga Festival in Rishikesh. Extend your stay and participate with thousands from around the world.

Each year, Parmarth Niketan Ashram hosts the International Yoga Festival with world renowned yogacharyas, teaching extraordinary range of lineages.  The Festival includes Kundalini Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Jivamukti Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Sivananda Yoga, Deep Yoga, Shintoh Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Nada Yoga, traditional hatha yoga, as well as meditation, pranayama, reiki and bhajan/kirtan.Additionally,the International Yoga Festival is unique in that it is graced by the presence of some of India’s most revered spiritual masters, saints, rishis and gurus.  These spiritual masters impart, through their presence and their sacred teachings, the ancient yet timeless truths of human life.  So, the Festival includes a wide assortment of schools of asana, pranayama, meditation and divine darshan/satsang/discourses from the Gurus.


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