Angkor Wat, Cambodia: Temples & Teachings of Self-Realization

Explore the “Tomb Raider” Temples of Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Much More Than a Cultural Arts Tour – This is a Journey Half-Way Around the Globe and a Journey into Self. 

  • Travel Channel’s #1 Pick for “Mind Blowing Destinations!”
  • Recent Cover of National Geographic 
  • Tour includes discourses on Hindu & Buddhist Mythology as it relates to “Awakening to Self”
  • Select Excursions and Activities: Temple complex exploration, Elephant Jungle Ride, Khmer Cooking Class, daily Spa Treatments & More

Dates: February 2019

Rates: Cost: $2,497/shared room or $2,997/private room

Highlights of Trip:

  • Adventure: In Cambodia, visit the “still buried in the jungle” ancient stone temple ruins of Angkor Wat, Cambodia—a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the centerpiece of a 40+ temple and palace ruins complex scattered over a 248 mile area. The sprawling and mammoth ‘Tomb Raider’ temples have more stones than the Egyptian Great Pyramid and are larger in scale than the cities of Paris, Seattle and Atlanta combined! It’s sheer massiveness and breathtaking beauty is awe-inspiring.
  • Discourses on Mythology: From resident Buddhist Monks to Hindu scholars, you’ll be invited into study and inquiry as we explore the temples’ resounding and unifying messages to “awaken the self.”
  • Arts, History & Culture: Immerse yourself in the rich art and history of this ancient wonderland as well as in the vibrant culture of Cambodia. 
  • Spa Treatments: Enjoy daily spa treatments EVERY DAY while in Angkor Wat, Cambodia. (For an additional price, enjoy Angkor’s legendary Lotus Massage – a 10-hand massage done by five practitioners at once!)
  • Excursions: Visits to ancient temples and palaces up close and personal, elephant jungle rides, flea markets and more!

Travel back in time to the Kingdom of Cambodia to visit the world’s largest temple complex, Angkor Wat (meaning ‘City of Temples’) — an ancient stone city so enthralling it made the cover of National Geographic and Travel Channel choose it as their #1 Pick for “Mind Blowing Destinations!”

Geographically larger than the cities of Paris, Seattle and Atlanta combined, this ancient “Jewel in the Jungle” was built by the kingdom of Angkor starting in 808 AD and was a grand metropolis of more than 100 intricately carved stone temples used for both religious and commercial purposes. It was the heart of an empire that was considered the most prosperous and sophisticated civilization in the history of Southeast Asia, occupying most of Laos, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia.

Considered to be “Grander than anything left to us by Greece or Rome” (as stated by Henri Mouhot, the French Explorer who “rediscovered” the lost temple city in 1860) the 1,000-mile radius city remained silent for centuries, having been swallowed by the jungle and overgrown by a stranglehold of trees.

Why the Angkor kingdom abandoned the temple complex in the mid-15th century, after building it for more than 500 years, remains a mystery to this day. Some scholars blame its desertion on a decades-long drought; others suggest wars with nearby rival kingdoms, such as Vietnam, drove this India-descended kingdom away.

Initially built as Hindu temples of worship dedicated to the god Vishnu, in the 14th Century the ruling Angkor king converted to Buddhism and his monarchy followed. Since Buddha was born and died a Hindu—and divisions between both the faiths appeared seamless—the conversion was relatively easy. Angkor Wat’s allegiance to Theravada Buddhism continues to the present day as saffron-robed monks walk amongst its grey mammoth ruins.

Interesting Fact: Jacqueline Kennedy risked a visit to Angkor Wat during the Vietnam War to fulfill a “lifelong dream” of seeing the monument. Angkor Wat, only open to the public since 1998, is the largest Hindu temple on earth and the largest religious complex in the world!

Hope you will join our small, intimate group of curious travelers!


  • Thursday Evening – Depart US
  • Saturday, Day 1  Arrive Angkor Wat and check into hotel
  • Sunday, Day 2  Sleep in to adjust to time change. Welcome Group Lunch and activity. Group Dinner.
  • Monday, Day 3 – Sunrise Temple Visits, Afternoon Spa Treatment. Discourse on mythology and awakening. Late Evening Cultural Show and Group Dinner
  • Tuesday, Day 4 – Khmer Cooking Class, Afternoon at leisure and Spa Treatment. Discourse  on mythology and awakening. Sunset Elephant Ride followed by Group Dinner.
  • Wednesday, Day 5 – Sunrise Temple Visits, Afternoon Spa Treatment. Discourse on mythology and awakening. Evening Temple Photography Excursion & Group Dinner
  • Thursday, Day 6 – Morning Lake Tour of the Cambodian “floating villages,” late afternoon Spa Treatment & Group Dinner. Discourse  on mythology and awakening.
  • Friday, Day 7 – Sunrise Temple Visits, Afternoon of Leisure and Spa Treatment & Final Group Dinner. Evening Salon on mythology and awakening.
  • Saturday, Day 8 – Free Day (Enjoy Visit to Butterfly Gardens, Horseback Riding, Quad Adventures, etc.)
  • Sunday, Day 9  Depart this day or extend trip, optional.

Does not include international airfare (approx. $1,200), visas, passport fees, transportation to/from airports or trip insurance.



  • Our locations, events and featured teachers may change due to weather or circumstances not anticipated.
  • Be sure to bring along your favorite writing pen and a notebook (ipads or laptops optional.)
  • Bring good walking shoes and casual clothing. Bring one “dressier” outfit for final group dinner.
  • Bring smartphones — so we can text — or get a “world phone” that allows texting (Texting is how we stay in communication with one another.)


Non-refundable Deposit of $1,000 required to hold reservation. Register Now!