Tips for Writers

By Sequoia Hamilton

  1. Traveling Ignites Writing: “Travel taught me that everything else paled by comparison … And I quickly found, too, that traveling quickened my longing to write.” – Pico Iyer, travel writer and author of Video Night in Kathmandu and numerous other travel-themed books
  2. Write From Your Soul, Not for Profit: “She gave me a long, deliberate look. ‘If you write to please others or write for success or stardom or money, you’re writing out of your ego. When are you going to write out of your Self?’ …. Why didn’t I see this before? That my creative life is my deepest prayer. That I must pray it from my heart, from my soul. Not from my head or my need for security or approval or to gain some sort of repute … I must write from the Self. The deep and true place.” – Sue Monk Kidd, from The Dance of the Dissident Daughter and author of The Secret Life of Bees
  3. Write with your Third Eye: Your right brain processes in images yet when you write you translate these images into words (a left brain functionality). If you can write consciously, you work somewhere in the middle firing up both parts of the brain and stimulating creativity. Stephen King calls this process “writing with the third eye – the eye of imagination and memory.”
  4. Evoke Emotion. Write from your heart not from your head. Write what scares you, thrills you, moves you. Ezra Pounds said, “Only emotion endures”.
  5. Stop Time, Stop the World. Bob Dylan said “The purpose of art is to stop time.” Get lost in your work, in your bliss.

(More tips being added, check back for more!)


About sequoiahamilton

I'm a mom-preneur: Mother and entrepreneur/business maverick. I'm a writer who writes (this is more rare than you'd think) and I organize writing events around the world, including trips to Paris and to my hometown of Ojai, California. More info here:,, and
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