• “I want to congratulate you on creating such an outstanding line-up of writer’s workshops led by tried and true professionals. I’m very impressed by how much material we covered in such a short time. The two classes I attended could have been taught over the length of a semester.  I came home with a mountain of inspiration and my head swimming with fresh ideas and practical techniques – truly amazing!” – Suzy Bennett, Monrovia, CA
  • “My wife, Francesca, and I have been all over the world but this was the best, most interesting and spiritual trip we have ever been on. We returned from your trip with a better idea of who we were … We’re still processing everything that happened. It’s all like an amazing dream.” – Keith Richardson, Ventura, CA
  • “I’m thankful to Louise Hay as I met Sequoia through her. Within the last two years, I have traveled with Sequoia to Egypt, Vancouver, Brazil to meet John of God, Hawaii, and on her Writers Retreat in Paris. There’s no one I rather travel with than Sequoia. Need I say more?” – Angela Travers, San Diego, California
  • NBC News: ” The forward-thinking people at the Ojai Writers Workshops have created a lot of people’s perfect getaway: the spa-writing workshop combo. Which makes us think that maybe every writers’ conference in existence should happen at or adjacent to a spa. Spend the better part of the day discussing the merits of keeping a journal or how one triumphs over writer’s block and then take a dip in the pool or have the ol’ shoulders massaged. Dream come true, right?”